Wedding Information:

So, you are planning to be married!  This is surely one of the most exciting times in your life.  The church rejoices with you in your love for each other, and, as minister of St. James-Centennial United Church I look forward to working with you as you plan your marriage.

It is important to understand that the marriage service is a service of Christian worship.  Your wedding is the occasion through which we worship God and give thanks for God’s love that is being shown in your love and commitment to each other. We will be planning something sacred and we will need to keep this in mind as we discuss the details of the service.


It is strongly recommended that you participate in some from of marriage preparation.  Couples tend to find this a helpful and eye-opening process.  The purpose of this is not to determine if you two are fit for each other, rather it is to offer you practical information, guidance and support as you seek to nurture and live out your vows as a married couple.  We will discuss what form of marriage preparation makes sense in your circumstances.


You will need to have a valid license.  This may be obtained from your town or city hall.  Licenses are valid for three months.  Please bring your marriage license to the church office at least three days prior to the wedding.


If you would like our church organist could be available to play for your service.  Contact information will be provided if this is your wish.  Please contact the organist at least three weeks before the service and earlier if you would like to ensure his/her availability.  Music should be chosen that is in keeping with the sacred nature of the worship service.  Please discuss your musical preferences with the Minister.


Your official photographer may take pictures throughout the service as long as he/she does not use a flash and is subtle and discreet about his/her presence.  Your guests may take pictures while the bridal party enters and leaves the church and during the signing of the legal documents and the register, but not at other times.  This is consistent with your wedding being a service of worship.  It is possible to arrange to pose for pictures at the front of the church following the service.


You are welcome to have the service recorded, but please let me know a week ahead of time.  Our church is not well suited for video.  If you wish to do this, the camera must be on a stand in the choir loft, and must remain stationary throughout the service.  Cameras are not permitted in the chancel area that is in front of the bridal party.  There should be only one person doing video recording.


Confetti is not to be used either inside or outside the church.


The honoraria are as follows:

for the use of the church………………$100.00
for the organist……….…………………$100.00
for the minister…………………………..$100.00
for the custodian………………………..$100.00

Total……………………………………… $400.00

Please place the honoraria in separate envelopes marked for who is to receive them.  These and your license should be brought to the church office at least one week prior to the wedding.

It is hoped that this will be of some help to you in planning for your wedding.  If there are any questions that you might have, please call the office.  746-8553.


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