Church Council

Our Church Council at St. James is responsible for the overall operation, policies and decisions of the church.  Our mandate includes:

  • Giving leadership in carrying out the goals of the congregation’s Mission Statement and Vision
  • Overseeing the spiritual and temporal interests of the Pastoral Charge
  • Reporting to the congregation at the Annual Congregational Meeting

The Council is made up of our minister, chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, treasurer, presbytery representative, and representatives of all our internal church committees:  Ministry of Worship and Education, Ministry of Outreach, Ministry of Pastoral Care, Ministry of Resources, United Church Women (U.C.W.), and Ministry of Fellowship.  Additionally, there are two at-large members on Council. Council meets every month from September through June.

Chair:           Valerie Cramp
Vice-Chair:  (Vacant)
Secretary:    Carol Ann Nicksy


Ministry of Fellowship:

The Fellowship Committee is a group dedicated to creating fun and active activities of fellowship for our congregation. Luncheons, barbeques, card games, dinners, skating parties, and picnics are arranged throughout the year. The annual “candlelight Christmas dinner” is one of the highlights of the year and takes place near the end of November – a delicious turkey dinner, served and enjoyed by candlelight.  The evening ends with a few rounds of lively Christmas carols led by one or two of the many talented singers and/or musicians within our congregation.

We also purchase cakes and refreshments for baptisms and other special occasions to help us celebrate these events with the families after the church service.   We meet throughout the year whenever “the spirit calls” and are always happy to have newcomers join us and share their ideas.

Other Members

Ministry of Outreach:

The Outreach Committee connects our congregation to people in need within our community and throughout the world. We strive to support our brothers and sisters in various ways:

  • Being a voice on issues of social justice
  • Promoting fair trade purchases at our Ten Thousand Villages sale
  • Providing food, funds and a “home” for Harvest Share Food Bank
  • Collecting needed items: clothing-food-toiletries-toys for groups such as Esprit Place and Great Beginnings

We appreciate and are proud to have several other St. James committees’ join us in some of these endeavours, helping us do what Christ continues to ask us – “love our neighbours”.

Please feel free to bring to our attention any specific issues about others in need.

Other members:  

Ministry of Pastoral Care:

The Pastoral Care Committee promotes, facilitates and maintains caring connections between the members of our congregation. Those who are active in pastoral care bring God’s love to other members of the congregation in many ways:

  • Prayer Chain members offer prayer upon request
  • Transportation to church is offered to those unable to drive
  • Meals are prepared and delivered to persons or families facing illness or other difficulties
  • One-on-one visiting is offered to shut-ins, those unable to attend church services or to support those facing times of illness, grief or other stresses

We encourage our congregation to engage in mutual support and comfort for one another in good times and bad.

Other Members

Ministry of Worship and Christian Education:

The Ministry of Worship & Education oversees the worship and education life of the St. James community.  We aim to encourage our congregation to explore our evolving relationship with God. We oversee the administering of the sacraments:  baptism and communion.

As part of our mandate we also oversee the education ministry that is provided to our children, youth and adults by assessing needs, approving programming and providing support and supervision to staff.  We are always happy to welcome new members as we follow where God’s Spirit leads our congregation.

Other Members

Ministry of Resources:

The Ministry of Resources is comprised of a chairperson, treasurer, secretary and anyone else who feels called by God to be part of this group.

Our main responsibility is to oversee the expenditures and revenues of the church and assist with budget preparation on a yearly basis.  This includes forecasting receipts for the fiscal year and formulating plans to ensure an adequate cash flow is in place.

This committee also oversees use of the church property and is responsible for the maintenance, repair and improvement of all church property, buildings and furnishings.

Our treasurer is responsible to keep adequate bookkeeping records; prepare a monthly financial statement; pay bills; present year-end statements and budget proposals for the upcoming year; arrange for loans or lines of credit as necessary; and staff payroll.

We present a report to all regular Church Council meetings and welcome any new members who wish to join the group.


Other Members:

Ministry & Personnel:

The role of the Ministry & Personnel Committee is to oversee and, occasionally, mediate relationships between worship leaders (minister, children’s ministry leaders and music director), staff (administrator, custodian), the council, and the congregation. In addition, our committee conducts annual reviews of goals and outcomes with all personnel, and assists with coordination of vacation planning for staff.

We meet at least a minimum of four times per year, as required by The United Church of Canada.

Other Members

UCW Representative:  

Presbytery Representative:  

Member at Large (2)

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