Our Vision

Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

Our vision is expressed and developed through our ministries of community, worship, learning, compassionate care, outreach and sharing our faith.

1.  Christian Community
As a Christian community we are known for our hospitality, meaningful fellowship, and diverse opportunities for engagement.

2.  Worship
Worship in St. James is a contemporary, inclusive and inter-generational experience, reflecting the way of Jesus. It is an opportunity for personal and community growth, rooted in tradition and grounded in the Spirit. We are a community open to ongoing possibilities.

3.  Learning
St. James is an open and inclusive Christian community that encourages and supports all seekers on their individual and communal journeys into awareness and relationship with God.

4.  Compassionate Care
We are a Christian centered congregation that lives our faith by being responsive to each other’s needs through a community of love, care, and support.

5.  Outreach
Reflecting the way of Jesus, St. James is known as a community church that connects with people by responding to the needs of others.

6.  Sharing Our Faith
We are a community that engages others by sharing the joys and struggles of the journey of faith. Our motto is ‘Go, Listen, Tell.’


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